Object Types

Books (23 Objects Catalogued)

The collection contains a wide variety of bound printed materials, ranging from text books to reference works to compilations and much more. While many of these objects will have an associated ISBN, many will not due to their age.

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Containers (8 Objects Catalogued)

Often associated with other objects in the collection, these objects include any kind of bottle, box, or other types of containers.

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Cosmetics (9 Objects Catalogued)

This includes all forms of cosmetic or styling implements, ranging from makeup to perfume to hair coloring.

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Devices (3 Objects Catalogued)

These are consumer products not classified as medicines or cosmetics which serve some health related purpose. This includes items like toothbrushes, weight loss devices, and many other items.

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Equipment (5 Objects Catalogued)

This includes all devices used either in research or in a professional setting. Specifically, this category includes laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, dental and physical equipment.

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Files (0 Objects Catalogued)

his covers all other printed materials not included in the books category. This includes research papers, records and logs, academic documents and archival papers. Journal articles, while bound printed materials, are included in this group. Additionally, all forms of advertisement and educational materials not in book form are included here.

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Image Collections (38 Objects Catalogued)

These are collections of images covering a specific subject or service a specific purpose. These include collections of negatives, slides, printed images, and digital images.

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Medicines (1805 Objects Catalogued)

Currently the largest group of objects in the collection, medicines include all pharmaceuticals, botanicals, salves, and other consumable products used for medicinal purposes. This includes not just prescription drugs, but also complementary and alternative medicines, including items classified as controlled substances.

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Miscellaneous (1 Objects Catalogued)

These objects cannot be fit into any other category, either because they share attributes of other groups or because they have attributes not available in any of the other group. Over time, if a significant number of items in this group are found to contain similar attributes, additional object types will be created. These items will then be categorized accordingly and thus will be removed from this group.

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